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Lucy Smethurst:

We stayed in one of the apartments ( Kalman Imre) and it was beautiful. We couldn't get over how grand it was, yet it felt very cosy and warm. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Budapest and the staff made this even better by suggesting good places to visit and eat. If you are staying there you can also request pick-up and drop-off at the airport which is cheaper than the taxis. Overall, a brilliant, with extremely friendly staff and an amazing city, especially around Christmas time.

Damian McGregor:

Friendly staff - offered excellent suggestions, arranged cheap and friendly taxi service to and from airport. Excellent location, within walking distance of most sites and positioned directly next to a metro stop.

Ceri Hughes:

The apartment was amazing - great location right in the center Budapest and close to shops/bars/clubs/sights. Lots of friendly advice on orientation and recommendations for places to visit. I would definitely stay here again - thank you so much! xxx

About Budapest
St. Stephen Basilica in Budapest :
   The Basilica (an enormous church) is the largest in Budapest. It has a dome height of 96 m/315 ft and a fitting capacity of up to 8,500 people. Construction began in 1851 when Pest was still just a small city. Jozsef Hild, the architect began the project which was taken over after his death by Miklos Ybl in 1867.It is he, who gave the colossal look of this monumental building, inspired by the Neo-Renaissance style.
   The interior which is laid out in the shape of a Greek cross is truly stunning with it´s grandeur and ornamentation, especially the mosaic which was ordered from Venice according to Hungarian painter´s patterns covered cupola dome.
   There are several chapels off the side isles. On the main alter you´ll find a statue of the sainted king, St. Stephen made of solid Carrera marble. To the left, you´ll find St Dexter´s chapel which contains one of the church´s most valuable processions, the most holiest relic, a reliquary, thought to be St. Stephen´s mummified right hand 91000-1038).
   On August 20th, the day devoted to the first Hungarian king, they carry his hand, in procession through the area. Behind the altar´s richly decorated walls with elegant colonnade and sculptures of the twelve apostles.

Opera Hous in Budapest :
   The Budapest Opera House was built in 1884 by Miklos Ybl. Construction began in 1875 and the design was modeled after the Opera house in Vienna in neo-renaissance and neo-Baroque styles. In front of the grand entrance there are two statues depicting the founders of the Budapest Music academy. Ferenc Liszt and Ferenc Erkel. The opening show was Erkel´s "Bank Ban" as an inauguration show in 1884.
    The facade of the second floor features sculptures of 16 prominent composers; Monteverdi, Scarlarri, Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Donizetti, Glinka, Wagner, Gnounod, Bizet, Musorgski, Tchaikovski, Monushko and Smetana.
   Needless to say, the interior of the Opera is absolutely breathtaking. Especially impressive is the "great hall", which can house 1,289 people.
   The hall has three horseshoe shaped tiers and elaborate ceiling frescoes (painted by Karoly Lotz). the walls are covered with magnificent paintings by famous Hungarian masters Bertalan Szekely and Mor Than.
Parliament in Budapest :
   The decision to build the Parliament was brought about in 1880. There was a tender that many famous and prominent architects of the day bid on, but Imire Steindl came out as victor with the winning design. It took 17 years to build from 1885, which at the time was the largest of it´s kind in the world. The structure is 268 m (879 ft) long, 118 m (380 ft) wide and 96 m (315 ft) high. With a combined external surface are of 437,000 square meters. The exterior walls feature 233 statues.
   On each side of the central circular building, 2 symmetrical wings join each other under the dome. They were built for the assemblies which were then divided in two chambers; the Chamber of deputies and the Upper Chamber. Today the building is the seat of the republic´s presidency, located in the south wing and the government in the north wing consisting of the National Assembly.
   The central circular building with it´s immense space, contains many years of history represented by statues of successive sovereigns as well as coats of arms of the former administrative districts. The room also gives home to the Crown Jewels, the Crown of St Stephen as it is known (was returned to Hungary by the Americans in 1978. It had been securely guarded in the US until this date.
   The architect Steindl surpassed the boundaries of the Neo-Gothic style. Topping it with a Turkish dome cupola over neo-roman arches. As well as using Byzantine, Venetian and Baroque elements for the lavish interior. All halls and corridors are decorated with wall and ceiling frescoes, oil paintings on canvas and grand tapestries. it contains some 20 km (12 miles) of staircases inside.
National Bank in Budapest :
   The building of the Hungarian National Bank is located on Hold Street, in the Inner City of Budapest. It can be found next to the building of the US embassy. According to Hungary´s Central Bank Act, which founded the Hungarian National Bank, "The primary objective of the MNB shall be to achieve and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to its primary objective, the MNB shall support the economic policy of the Government using the monetary policy instruments at its disposal."
   Hungary is currently slated to join the Euro in ?, thus divesting the MNB of most of its powers. However, central bank leaders have criticized this plan, saying that the fiscal austerity requirements would slow Hungary´s growth.
Hungary TV in Budapest :
   The Hungarian Television´s central building is located in the heart of Budapest on Szabadság tér (Freedom Square), across the Hungarian National Bank, the U.S. Embassy, and near to the Parliament . The building gave room to the Stock Exchange before the war.
   It is sold now and MTV will move to the outskirts of Budapest to a purpose-built modern building. The current headquarters can be reached by a 5 minutes walk from Kossuth tér where Metro line 2 stops.
   Test transmissions commenced in 1954, however these were generally with stills or short clips of motion pictures, merely for experimental purposes. Regular test transmissions could be received from February 23 , 1957 . Transmissions began officially on 1 May 1957 , when the May Day ceremonies were brought to the viewers for the first time.
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